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Why Skyrim Should Have Multiplayer

I am only 6 hours into Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and I am overwhelmed with the feeling of nerd joy from the sheer size of the game.  There seems to be and infinite amount of quests to accomplish, items to collect and places to discover with a map that seems to span as far as your virtual eyes can see.  But Bethesda didn’t focus solely on the big stuff they also put an unbelievable amount of detail into all the small stuff that truly makes an RPG so submersive.  There are thousands upon thousands of items to collect including weapons, aparrall (armor, clothes, etc), potions, food, ingredients (for alchemy and cooking), books (stories, spells, etc), materials (for forging and blacksmithing) and many other items.  Each item you has a description and a 3D image that can be looked at from any angle.  Items are not the only details however.  The detail in the environment makes Skyrim feel like a real living, breathing world.  If you ever find yourself walking through Skyrim take a moment to stop and look at a stream and watch the salmon jumping through the rapids. Hell if you want you can catch one and cook it!  Take a look at the foliage of a plant or tree and there are bugs crawling on them.  There are wild rabbits and elk running through the forest and goats in the mountains.  To put it in perspective Bethesda had 30 technical artists designing and creating the map for Skyrim for 3 years!  Everything about this game is incredible I just wish I could share it with someone…

I know many people think adding a multiplayer element to such a well though out single player RPG could compromise what makes it so great, but just hear me out.  The multiplayer I imagine would be completely optional and would only consist of two players max.  One player would be summoned into another’s world. The progress of the game would be dependent on the world the summoned player is visiting and a player would only be available for summoning if they are as as far as you in the main quest or further.  In this way the visiting player will only make progress in his own game if they are on a quest that he hasn’t completed in his own world.

Adding a multiplayer feature would just give players another way to enjoy the game.  I can just imagine slaying dragons or searching for valuable treasure with a pal. It would be epic! Until Bethesda adds a feature like this I will continue to have nerd sessions by placing consoles and TVs side by side to play with friends and pretend we are playing multiplayer.

  1. November 17, 2011 at 9:00 PM

    Hey, this is awesome blog and i am looked many your posts!

    I am your fan, hope you make more.


  2. November 28, 2011 at 11:11 AM

    How expansive would the game have to be to have multiplayer? It’s already massive as it is… This would have to be easily a 2 disc set (like Battlefield 3) just because of the raw amount of data. Also, those would have to be some huge servers to be able to handle the entire Skyrim region for EVERYONE at the same time.

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