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Blizzard Teases More StarCraft II Units

Tomorrow the event known as BlizzCon will take place.  Surely an Early Christmas for Blizzard fanboys and perhaps even more so for the StarCraft fans. Blizzard is about to drop an info bomb about the StarCraft II expansion pack Heart of the Swarm, part two of a three part game series. Once again they have released silhouette images of new units that will be included in the multiplayer portion of the expansion.  The first image released was clearly a Terran unit and these images are clearly Zerg and Protoss units (the remaining races in the game).

The Zerg unit pictured above appears to have some burrowing claws similar to other Zerg units and a protective shell that fires projectiles. Most likely armored.

There is no doubt that this Protoss unit is airborne. However the electricity gathering between the wings is the intriguing part.  What could it be?


Find out tomorrow when BlizzCon 2011 commences. I will be updating throughout the day with any big news.

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