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Dark Souls Devs Slay Early Players

Dark Souls game developers, From Software, have been dealing with players who got copies of the game early in an original as well as badass manner.  According to the Japanese blog Esuteru the Dark Souls devs have been using a function of the new title that allows one player to invade another’s world.  The devs were using completely max level and max ability Dark Phantoms to derail those that obtained the game illegally before the Japanese release date by obliterating them. The screenshot below, thanks to Esuteru, shows the sheer power of a maxed out Dark Phantom with a level of 145, 1900 HP and all abilities at 99.


We should all hope not to run into one of those anytime soon!

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  1. October 2, 2011 at 11:58 AM

    I love it! The devs are as hardcore as the players. Pumped for this sequel. Demon’s Souls was my favorite game of ’09, and one of the least-talked-about titles that kicked so much ass.

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