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Why Zelda: Skyward Sword Shouldn’t Be Exclusively Motion Controlled

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Every time Nintendo announces that Shigeru Miyamoto is releasing a new Zelda to add on to the long running franchise, fanboys across the world begin to crawl out of their skin with excitement. For these loyal Zelda nerds (I’m one of them) the emotion that comes along with news of a new Zelda release is similar to that of a woman finding out she is pregnant.  However when I found out that the newest addition to the Zelda franchise, Skyward Sword, can only be played with a motion controller I was thoroughly disappointed. Here’s why.

Games in the Zelda franchise are notoriously long role playing games. When I say long I mean 70-100 hours of gameplay time which includes discovering a huge sand box world, exploring caves, dungeons and temples, finding items and solving hundreds of mind games and puzzles. These activities are the majority of the gameplay and using a motion controller to do it all is more of a chore than a good time. Don’t get me wrong, during the adventure in most Zelda games there is plenty of sword swinging, bow and arrow blasting, hook shot hanging, boomerang throwing action that the motion controller will be useful for and most likely entertaining. Still I don’t believe it was necessary to make Skyward Sword motion controlled exclusively. While it might be entertaining for the first 35 hours there is a good chance swinging an imaginary sword, AKA motion controller, in front of your TV for the next 35 could become very stale. Sure it’s good exercise (at least for one arm) but if I wanted exercise I would go snowboarding or play football with my friends. When I play a immersive  70 hour RPG classic I want to be confined to a dark room in which I can sit/lay back in a comfortable position with the blinds pulled shut, a good monitor, surround sound and enough booze and snacks to last me until I emerge. In other words I like to relax when I play video games, especially RPGs, as I’m sure many others of the Zelda generation do. Were getting old dammit!

All in all the Wii motion controller is obviously a great innovation and I believe its capability should be implemented in every Wii game. However for a classic RPG that has always been played on a classic controller scheme that takes more than 70 hours to complete Shigeru Miyamoto should have made the decision to at least make the OG controller an option for the OG fans. That is what the classic controller was created for, right?

  1. September 16, 2011 at 7:47 PM

    I don’t buy into this. My husband and I both played through Twilight Princess on the Wii with no issues.

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